How to colour code RJ45 cords and manage network applications without having to use cords of different colour?
- It is often difficult to distinguish quickly between the different cables used for the various network applications…
- Only a limited number of applications can be managed by using cords of different colours (5 or 6 different colours).
- It’s not really that cool to find out you only got a 5 meters red cord in stock when all you need is a two meters green cord.
- And what if a network upgrade forces you to change colours? Unless you feel like an artist and decide to paint them the replacement may well be a painful and lengthy process!


repérage cable rj45

To identify at a glance your patch room cables, try and use PatchClip, the colour coding solution by 3P design (self locking and removable colour coded clips).
- Patchclip is a simple and efficient colour coding system which allows you to oversee your RJ 45 cords according to the application type or the geographical area.
- 16 colours for comprehensive identification of network cables or geographical areas.
- Patchclip protects the plug and make access easier in cramped area
- Inventory is optimised: no need to manage anymore endless lists of cables of different length and colour.
- Immediate comprehending of the network system by trouble-shooters or contractors thanks to PatchClip ColourChart, our customizable memo system.
- Depending on the layout, it may be possible to change the colour clips without any disconnection or network interruption.