How to attach and fasten your RJ45 cables and cords while maintaining your network performance at its best and making your work easier?
- In a high density environment, RJ45 cables can get mixed up in racks and hide other connectors…
- How to attach network distribution cables (in false floors, false ceiling, enclosures, trunking, etc…) without stressing them with often precarious single use clamps systems.
- How to easily fasten and unfasten bundles for cabling works, for example when extra network access points are needed.


attache cable rj45

Easy, quick and simple to use, ID Scratch is the ideal solution to meet your needs and fasten and hold your network cables in place.
- ID-Scratch is a self locking cable fastener (hook and loop locking mechanism) which has been specially designed to keep a high griping power without stressing the jacket, and to maintain your network in good shape!
- Easier work in patch panels, cable trunking and during network upgrades (cabling).
- Always available in a super handy dispenser.
- ID Scratch is endlessly reusable, and is adjustable to the required size with no tool needed.