New constraints are changing the usual practice to install cabling systems. Laying network cables in parallel is usually done using plastic, self-tightening ties commonly called "cable ties or necklaces".

> However this practice is to be avoided as this technique applies significant stress on the cables...

> This changes the cable intrinsic characteristics especially to obtain performance transmission of 10 Gigabit/s.

> The number of cable ties that must be used whilst installing cables are quite high. Therefore costs have to be optimized for a feature which is too often "overlooked" by customers.


Simple, practical and COST-EFFECTIVE, ECO-SCRATCH is the ideal solution that combines: Quantity - Quality - Price.

> Supplied in 10 meter rolls (Hook&Loop), its practical format makes it easy to use in all areas.

> Without any redundant packaging, ready to use to optimize its cost.

> Designed specially to ensure a strong power grip without stressing the cable sheaths. Its thinness and flexibility preserves the performance of ALL cables.