Our extended field experience tells us that nine times out of ten network cable failures are caused by poor contacts, especially due to RJ45 plug with damaged plastic strips.
- RJ45 plugs are at high risk of being damaged when re-patching, when installing or moving cables, or when laying cables in false floors, in false ceilings, in cable routing trunking systems ...
- The risks include stressing, breaking, gripping, etc…
- Worse, as a result of the damage to a RJ45 plug, the corresponding network socket may be permanently damaged!


protection rj45

At 3P design, we have designed PLUgCAP to protect fully the most sensitive part of your RJ45 cable.
- With PLUgCAP, the plug is fully protected from the start, up to the final connection.
- The plastic body which cover the plug fully is fitted with an eye to pull the network cable through a false floor, or through an electrical flexible conduit without any risk of damage to the plug. The protection is left on until final connection.
- The network system life expectancy is greatly increased!
- Thanks to PLUgCAP’s unique colour, it is straight forward to identify any cable on stand-by in the back of panels.