How to identify both ends of a network cable quickly and reliably? This is an important matter, especially during emergency troubleshooting.
- In a high density environment, it may be very complicated to identify specific network links in the RJ45 cords patch room maze.
- There is always a real risk to seriously disrupt some network services by connecting or disconnecting the wrong server.
- Financial losses due to network service interruption can go through the roof especially in the banking sector, the telecommunications sector, or e-business.


rj45 cable

Find your connexions at light speed! When inventing PatchSee in 2001, 3P design launched a revolution in the industry:
- Instant recognition of both ends by using an exclusive lighting system.
- Mistake proof identification of IT links and increased security: no need to unplug to use PatchSee.
- Suitable for high density environment thanks to the compact size Slim PCI connector.
- PatchSee cables are EIA/TIA & ISO (cat 5e, 6, 6A) standard compliant and designed for 10 Gbit/s applications.
- PatchSee is a universal solution and is compatible with all existing network hardware worldwide.
- Our solution uses plastic optic fiber and is passive, therefore there is no risk of electronic failure.