What is the right RJ45 cable length needed to connect Mr Smith’s workstation in his office? “Which length do I need?” That is the question you ask yourself when buying or installing cable. One answer consists in sourcing different RJ45 cable lengths which makes stock management a headache. From the user point of view things are not straight forward either:
- Cable too long: cables create a trip hazard and make the workplace unsafe and untidy, with the risk of ripping cables out inadvertently.
- Cable too short: the users may need to move their workstation out of position.


cable ethernet long

3P design has found out that 99.9% of office Ethernet network connections require an ideal cable length comprised between 1 and 5 meters (3-16 feet). This is why we, at 3PCabling, have created DESKPATCH, the RJ45 solution with the right length every time!
- A 5 meters RJ45 Cat 6A cable available shielded or unshielded
- A clever casing which incorporate a very practical cable storer, and can be mounted anywhere to wind up those messy cables.
- Available in four trendy and flashy colours to liven up your workspace
Because of its versatility, Deskpatch is a smart product and can replace up to 30 stock items on its own. And due to the low production costs, Deskpatch’s value for money is unbeatable.